Your Perfect Pillow Partner 🛌💕💜😴


Trouble Sleeping? 😴 Now with a cute Rose Quartz Angel 👼🏼

Your Perfect Pillow Partner 🛌💕💜😴Blue Howlite Sleep Crystal 💤😴💎👼🏼💙💤💙 Blue Howlite has an extremely Calming energy & can be used to relieve Anxiety, Tension & Intense Emotions 🙏🏼It is said to be able to Calm the Mind - helping you to Relax in preparation for Sleep or Meditation 🙌🏼🙏🏼 If you suffer from Insomnia, caused by racing thoughts at bedtime, place your Howlite Crystal under your pillow 👼🏼💎😴💤 🔮 Amethyst ~ Calm, Peaceful & Soothing. Kept under the pillow or by the bed, is a meditative & calming Crystal that has a gently sedative energy that enhances the feelings of happiness, peacefulness, leading to a gentle night’s sleep 😴🌹 Rose Quartz Angel ~ Placed under the pillow or by the bed, is a very soothing & happy Crystal that increases the positive vibrational qualities that are present in all of us. The love energy it expresses reduces stress levels that can block peaceful rest at night🌹💕💎

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