Your Crystal ‘Double Espresso’ Bracelet Combo!! ☕️

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Your Crystal ‘Double Espresso’ Bracelet Combo!! ☕️!!! This bracelet combination of Carnelian & Clear Quartz are your answer to Monday mornings! Or any other morning for that matter 💎 takes you from 😴 to 🤩! If you are lacking energy and get up and go... this is your SOS 🆘 bracelet combo!!! The motivating and focussed energy of Carnelian is given a super amplified boost by the Clear Quartz, which is also super energy noosing!!!! 😍 You can finish that assignment, you can get all the washing done!!! You can do that pile of work!! You can do this 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💎🆘💎🤩😍💎xxxx