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Vogel Style Quartz Wand 💎


💎💎 Vogel Style Quartz Wand 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 Vogel Wand Crystals are powerful information storage, transmission and amplification systems which could be imprinted and programmed by the human mind. He experimented with the optimal forming of Quartz Crystal to optimize its energetic functions, resulting in his receiving a vision of the Tree of Life as the key pattern for cutting the crystal.

The Tree of Life pattern formed into a Vogel Crystal creates double terminations with different angles. This operates like a Laser, with the energy flow between the two points creating a powerful coherent beam of energy coming out of the more sharply pointed end, which is referred to as the 'male' end or 'firing tip'; the oppositie tip is the 'female' receptive end.

Because of the Vogel Crystal being formed into the optimal resonant shape for cohering thought and energy, it is a master healing tool. Any thought put into it can be held, amplified and can be transmitted energetically into other systems. #vogel #wands #wand #quartz #point