♏️ Virgo Rhodonite & Amazonite 💕

♏️ Virgo Rhodonite & Amazonite 💕
♏️ Virgo Rhodonite & Amazonite 💕

♏️ Virgo Rhodonite & Amazonite 💕

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♏️ Virgo ~ August 23 to September 22

Wear Rhodonite & Amazonite to compliment your birth sign personality 🥰

The primary Virgo strengths can be found in their mental agility, adaptability, and skillful, meticulous nature. Diligent and observant, these folks think clearly, learn quickly, and gain enormous satisfaction in serving, healing, and helping to bring order, perfection, and practicality to their world.

Cool and conscientious, they are typically able to carefully discern between what is skillful and useful, and what is not. Too busy working on improving themselves and the world around them, they are often humble and modest and are usually too earthy and sensible to become arrogant and self-aggrandising.

They actually will study a situation in much detail to solve problems. When it comes to understanding things Virgoians are most interested. To get things done, they put their intelligence to great use. It just so happens that Virgoians have an excellent memory and are straight thinkers. Sometimes they can over look something and become a little judgmental, but everyone makes mistakes. It just shows that they are human like the rest of us.

People born under this sign truly have a way with handling others. Virgoians’ good manners and polite language attract the opposite sex. They are extremely faithful once they find their true love. If the love is very true then they will fight and defend to keep their relationship alive and healthy.

 Rhodonite 💕

Unconditional love. Openness. Forgiveness. Rhodonite is a Crystal that balances the masculine energy that is evident during the Virgo season. The crystal’s energy taps into forgiveness and self-love. It’s a crystal that screams “‘it’s okay” every time you stumble, fall or fail. Rhodonite’s energy reminds you that forgiving oneself allows your failure to become a step to success.

Amazonite 💎 is a heart chakra, thymus or higher heart chakra and Throat Chakra Crystal , that will heighten loving communication and remove blockages in the nervous system. 

It's vibration within the throat chakra will help you to communicate with truth, balance and integrity. It also helps to absorb electromagnetic negativity given off by cell phones or microwaves.

Tape a small one to your phone or place one next to computers or microwaves to absorb unwelcome energy, but please ensure that you cleanse it regularly, to remove the built up negativity.

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