♉️ Taurus Jade & Green Aventurine 💚🍀

♉️ Taurus Jade & Green Aventurine 💚🍀

♉️ Taurus Jade & Green Aventurine 💚🍀

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♉️ Taurus ~ April 20 to May 20

Those born during the heart of spring belong to the Zodiac sign, Taurus. The bull depicts this sign because of its characteristics of being strong but quiet. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus that also rules Libra.

Taureans come across as very quiet people at first. Once they get to know you well enough they will be more comfortable with you. They are also very stubborn. Taureans love affection and can handle a as much as they can get! Though they can be very affectionate, if you aren’t careful you could set off their violent temper.

A Taurus is a very capable person who definately doesn’t mind getting his or her hands dirty. There is no problem with obedience or reliability with these guys. Usually Taureans are responsible and respectful, meaning they are on time for their job and get their work done. Their best professions include banking, architecture, and  medicine.


Jade 💚🍀

A beautiful, stunning Crystal, Jade promotes flow of money, harmony, and abundance in the carriers life. Jade is one of the most recognized crystals for prosperity and is considered a extremely lucky stone. This stone is perfect for all Taurus who wants to attract wealth into their life.


Green Aventurine 🍀💚 enhances relaxation, regeneration and recovery, fitting the Taurean desire to indulge in creature comforts. Taurus is symbolized with the Bull, and if you feel ready to charge this season, Green Aventurine can help us keep our cool. It can also encourage us to expand our minds and embrace an adventurous spirit. When feeling a little down, it can help us to reflect and move on, feeling more cheerful or with the ability to find humor in a stressful situation.

Green Aventurine’s Metaphysical Properties:

Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of love, beauty and value, and it rules our 2nd House of finance.

Green Aventurine is a potent crystal to use in money magic and rituals. As the green-gold, money-colored stone of good fortune, it’s been used for centuries to conjure financial stability (it’s sometimes called the “gambler’s stone”). Merchants often keep a piece of Green Aventurine in or near a cash register to increase sales. It is also beneficial to use in a money-drawing altar.

One caution: Try not to become overly concerned with material accumulation. Green Aventurine can stimulate creativity and increase perception, so when we work with it, we should be able to see our true value and values.


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