⛄️❄️ Snowflake Obsidian Crystals ⛄️❄️

⛄️❄️ Snowflake Obsidian Crystals ⛄️❄️
⛄️❄️ Snowflake Obsidian Crystals ⛄️❄️

⛄️❄️ Snowflake Obsidian Crystals ⛄️❄️

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❄️☃️ Snowflake Obsidian ❄️☃️ I will help you make time to clear your body, heart, mind, and spirit 🌬 so you can find balance and positivity, by doing so we remove all that is causing fear, pain, or worry. I will calm and soothe you. I will reassure you that there’s no need to feel afraid. Your guardian spirits are watching over you and pulling you close in a warm embrace. I am very protective, having me within your possession will make you feel secure, stable and safe from harm,

Yours lovingly, Snowflake Obsidian ❄️❤️ #snowflake #obsidiana #protection #crystals #healing #love


⛄️❄️Beautiful Snowflake Obsidian ⛄️❄️
Restful & Serene 
Helping to bring peace & balance to the 
~ body, mind & soul 👐🏼
Grounding & protective Crystal 🙅🏽 
‘A great cleanser of negative energies used for 
healing & releasing energy blockages’
Shields the wearer from negativity & grief
Calming & Soothing
With Love from Crystal Harmony xxx ⛄️❄️
Also includes a pretty meaning card, dried Lavender, scented, cleansed & charged & beautifully gift wrapped :-) xxx

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