Selenite Eggs 🐣💎🐣

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Selenite Eggs 🐣💎🐣
👼🏼 Selenite is associated with the Moon 🌙
Place a Selenite Crystal Egg in a corner of your home to create a peaceful, safe environment that will not be disturbed by outside influences 💞👼🏼
Egg shaped Crystals confine and shape energy and can be used to detect and rebalance blockages in the body. The more pointed end is a useful reflexology or acupressure tool. They make excellent hand comforters to use in times of stress.
Each piece is unique! 🐣💎🐣 
For Stress, Anxiety or Grief, hold Selenite (Satin Spar) to your heart for a few minutes while breathing deeply. You will feel an opening of your heart chakra, buzzing and/or a release of negativity. Just holding a piece or two in your hands is enough for many people to calm and soothe even severe emotional distress 👼🏼
Crystal of Truth & Honesty ~ Sweet Angel Crystal - Used for contacting & communicating with Angels for guidance & protection 👼🏼
Powerful intuition & dispels negativity
Crystal of Love - Helping maintain a loving relationship
Brings harmony & inner peace
Excellent for enhancing the properties of other Crystals & for Clearing & Charging them
With Love from Crystal Harmony xxx
Comes beautifully gift wrapped with a pretty meaning card & dried lavender :-)  xxx 
* Due to natural formation, Selenite may vary slightly in Size, Shape & Colour*