♏️ Scorpio Smokey Quartz & Sodalite 💙

♏️ Scorpio Smokey Quartz & Sodalite 💙

♏️ Scorpio Smokey Quartz & Sodalite 💙

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♏️ Scorpio ~ October 23 to November 21

The primary Scorpio strengths can be found in their devoted, determined, and observant natures. They are hard workers, often artistic, and deeply committed to study and research. You can count on the Scorpion to see whatever they have committed to through to the end.

Scorpios tend to be receptive and patient, letting others play their cards and show their intentions first to better understand the emotional and psychological dynamics of their relationships. Magnetic and mysterious, Scorpio is drawn toward dark, taboo, or occult subjects, and are curious about the hidden facets of life that others may shy away from.
The Scorpion tends to be fearless in the dark, avoided, and mysterious inner depths of the psyche, and potent realities of life like death and transformation. While Scorpio is often misunderstood and feared as an archetype, those born under this sign are very sensitive, empathetic, and can be quite compassionate.

They passionately bond themselves, heart and soul, to those they care for. Once they feel they can trust, they are quite loyal to the friends and lovers that make it into their inner circle. Scorpio understands innately what it feels like to be the weirdo or the outsider, and they have a natural connection to the underdog or those who are deemed untouchable in society.

Because of this, they are uniquely poised to be of great service to those in our society that suffer the most, like the homeless, the mentally ill, and people who have been outcast for divergent spiritual beliefs or lifestyles.
Anyone with preferences that challenge conventional sexual, spiritual, and social ideas are potentially the Scorpion’s greatest allies and sources of affinity and acceptance. Scorpio can take emotional intelligence, understanding, and healing to the darkest circumstances, and may have had to overcome some healing or transformative experience of their own in their lives. Their fearless understanding of trauma, and survival, makes these folks the strongest psychic and spiritual warriors.

Scorpio is a water sign represented by a scorpion and associated with the constellation Scorpius.

We know Scorpios can be pretty stubborn and determined, so you need crystals that would balance out your passionate energy. You’re loyal and brave but can be secretive and jealous because of your competitive nature.


While we’re not certain of the origin of this crystal’s name, it’s sure to keep Scorpios from bottling up their emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, and resentment and allow themselves to safely release them.

Moreover, Smokey Quartz can also magnify their psychic and intuitive abilities.


Sodalite is one of the best crystals for Scorpios in the sense that it can aid them in changing their negative emotions into more rational thoughts.

This rock-forming crystal has soothing energy this zodiac sign needs. Instead of powerful and distracting thoughts, you become more centered.

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