♐️ Sagittarius Goldstone & Amethyst 🔮

♐️ Sagittarius Goldstone & Amethyst 🔮

♐️ Sagittarius Goldstone & Amethyst 🔮

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♐️ Sagittarius ~ November 22 to December 21

If you were born between November 22nd to December 21st, you fall into the zodiac sign of Sagittarius (the ninth sign of the zodiac). This fire sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It has the symbol of a Centaur, which is also known as The Archer.

People born under the Sagittarius sun sign are curious, intuitive and have a passion for exploration (both physical and spiritual.) As a sociable sign, you’re a born leader, being honest, confident and trustworthy.

Like all zodiac signs, Sagittarians also face challenges. While there are many benefits to a Sagittarian’s self-confidence, there are situations where it can lead to arrogance. It may also cause unnecessary risk taking and make self-reflection more difficult.

Crystal healing is a lovely way to realign these Sagittarian traits and reduce their effect. Sagittarius Crystal also enhance your positive qualities. 

Blue Goldstone is a Sagittarius stone that is soothing yet energising, putting the Sagittarius sun sign in the right mental and physical state to make their dreams come true. It provides new beginnings in a balanced way, yet it can also help Sagittarius stay on track with a goal. It’s dark blue appearance with golden speckles is an indicator of how this crystal brings light into the darkness, opening the mind and assisting with self-discovery as needed.

Amethyst gives Sagittarius the connection to their intuition and higher consciousness that they need to help them gain insight into the world they so long to understand. It helps them get out of their head and into their heart and spirit. Amethyst is also very calming, helping them to relax when they feel impatient.

Which Angels are Associated With Sagittarius?


The Angels I most associate with Sagittarius are:

  • Archangel Raguel – This Angel for Sagittarius is known as the sociable peacekeeper. When relationship troubles lead to emotional turmoil, invoke this ‘Friend of God.’ Aquamarine resonates with this Archangel.
  • Archangel Zadkiel – Zadkiel is the ruler to Jupiter, which is the Sagittarius ruling planet. He improves physic skills as well as imbuing you with integrity and success. I use lapis lazuli or sodalite (or any dark blue crystal) when invoking this Angel.
  • Guardian Angel Adnachiel – This is the Angel ruler of Sagittarius and the month of November. He is an Angel of truth and brings spiritual knowledge. I invoke Him when I want to expand my personal horizons or to think independently. Use crystals like lapis lazuli or chrysocolla when you invoke this Angel.

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