Red Aventurine 🥰💞❤️💕

Red Aventurine 🥰💞❤️💕

Red Aventurine 🥰💞❤️💕

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💖🥰💖 ~ Red Aventurine

These crystals are used to clear and balance the Base Chakra, allowing the physical body to regain its strength and stamina, and to rekindle the spiritual energy in the form of security and a sense of one's own power.❤️💪🏼

Red Aventurine works on all three lower chakras. It is a crystal that will aid your sexuality, and help to boost your vitality.

It may assist you to love and accept yourself and others, regardless of the perceived defects you may notice. ❤️💕❤️ Red aventurine promotes a joyful love of life and seeing the joy in every aspect of your life. It encourages gratitude unconditional love, a zest for life and it emits a good energy vibration... all of which are essential for long term, healthy relationships 💖✨💖✨💖

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