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Raw Red Selenite Chunky Tlight 🕯❤️💡⛅️❤️🕯🥰👑


❤️ Raw Red Selenite Chunky Tlights!! 🕯❤️😍❤️Just like it’s sister, the white Selenite we’re more used to seeing, this queen 👑 of the Crystal family shines a bright light 💡 through darker or more cloudy ⛅️ times, light your candle to feel uplifted and optimistic ❤️🕯❤️ Use Red Selenite to enhance flexibility and creativity, both at home and in the workplace. It helps people work together and can be used to encourage children to help with chores and do their homework 📚 so pop it on the kitchen table when the homework battles begin!!! ❤️❤️❤️Red Selenite helps you to have a better self-image. If you own a business, place your Tlight in your place of business to encourage people to buy ❤️Red Selenite has all the properties of White Selenite, connecting even more strongly to the physical body and has a strong spiritual connection, calling your guardian angels for guidance and support ❤️ #red #selenite #heart #healing #business #selfimage #love #crystals #crystalshop