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Rainbow Hematite Crystals 🌈


🤩 I am a Crystal of balance, helping to bring clarity to reason & emotion 🥰

Where the emotions are charged with excess energy I will help to bring peace ☮️ & in that peace understanding of the next step 💕

🌈 Rainbow Hematite lifts you out of the doldrums & infuses you with the Abundance of the Universe 🌌

It brings to your awareness that your walk on Earth 🌍 is a joyous gift & brings about an acceptance of your journey onwards & upwards 🔮

With Rainbow Hematite you may go forth & enjoy your life on our bountiful planet 🌍

With Love from Crystal Harmony xxx 🔮💜💕💎💙❤️💛💚🌈 #magnets #stress #tension #frustrated #rainbow #hematite #mindset #mindbodysoul #crystals #mentlehealth #you #liveyourlife