Put Your Positive Pants On!!!!✨💛📿💞

Put Your Positive Pants On!!!!✨💛📿💞

Put Your Positive Pants On!!!!✨💛📿💞

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Put Your Positive Pants On!!!!✨💛📿💞Positive Pants Crystal Collection, is there for you at times when you may be struggling to get into a positive mindset! Includes a Super high grade Citrine Crystal Bracelet 📿✨ a Stress & Anxiety Fluorite Bracelet AND a portable Selenite Charger for on the move Crystal Charging!!! All in your beautiful Crystal Harmony BOX!!! No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up & never give up ✨

Citrine has one of the most powerful energies of all Crystals. It purifies the energy of everything around it ✨✨✨ When the road is difficult, Citrine lends us strength and banishes feelings of heaviness and darkness from our spirit, replacing it with vibrant golden Light ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨Citrine’s purifying energy helps protect us from being drained by difficult situations or people 💛 Citrine encourages us to think and feel clearly about what is necessary for our happiness and to confidently do the work necessary to bring that about. It teaches us that when we do the work, we are properly entitled to enjoy the result. Citrine’s purifying energy helps us to keep our thoughts clear and clean, so we can make good decisions and put them into action right away ✨💛📿💞

Fluorite will help you know when there are external forces trying to control or manipulate you. And it can effectively shut down any kind of mental or psychic manipulation. This is a particularly useful crystal to have at work when hostile or opposing forces surround you✨✨✨It’s also a powerful crystal to ward off negative energies that threaten your personal relationships✨✨✨ Fluorite can get rid of any electromagnetic fog that can attract or retain negative energies and make you feel psychically, emotionally, or mentally lethargic. It can purify your body and eliminate anything that’s causing it not to function perfectly✨✨✨It can bring you calmness and relaxation, and it can relieve all your tensions and anxieties... WOW!!! ✨💛📿💞

The amazing Selenite charging stick is excellent for enhancing the properties of other Crystals & for Clearing & Charging them up like a battery charger ...... place your Crystals on top of or next to your Selenite & over night the Selenite will renew the healing qualities of your Crystals .... they will feel extra powerful after a Selenite charge 🙏🏼

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