♓️ Pisces Tigers Eye & Labradorite 🐅

♓️ Pisces Tigers Eye & Labradorite 🐅

♓️ Pisces Tigers Eye & Labradorite 🐅

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♓️ Pisces ~ February 19 to March 20

Highly intuitive, creative, and intelligent, Pisces are known for their ability to sense things that others cannot which gives them a great capacity for empathy. Their deep intuition and sympathetic nature is what makes them such great listeners and good advisers. They are also known for being non-judgmental even though they have a tendency to feel things more deeply than others. When you share your feelings and problems to a Pisces friend or relative, you can expect them to listen and sympathize, but they will never judge. 

Pieces are very loyal people, especially to their friends and family. While they seem sociable, Pisces actually prefer being around small groups of people rather than large groups. They might be willing to lend an ear to anyone and even give advice, but when it comes to sharing their own feelings and emotions, Pisces are often closed off and are only willing to share with a select few, as they tend to hold on to the belief that other people won’t understand their feelings. 

Pisces are generally quiet people, they prefer to listen and observe rather than talk when they are in social situations. While they enjoy being around family and close friends, Pisces generally like spending their time alone either thinking or letting their imagination run wild. They also enjoy engaging in outdoor activities, especially water-related activities whether by themselves or with their family, friends, and significant others. 

Pisces are known to be dreamy and idealistic, but they also have a logical side to them. While you might find a Pisces distracted by their own thoughts and fantasies ,they are also capable of accomplishing tasks quickly when they set their mind to it. 

It is in their dreams versus their actual reality that Pisces’ dualistic nature manifests itself the most. They can be completely immersed in fantasies and daydreams in one moment, then easily snap back to reality in the next.

Being deeply emotional is both a strength and a weakness for Pisces. On the one hand, having the capacity to feel things deeply and being in touch with their intuition gives them a strong moral compass, but it can also be their biggest detriment, especially when they succumb to challenging emotions. 

When they feel overwhelmed by these emotions, Pisces can fall into depression and lose their ability to see the good in the world. They have a tendency to overthink and get too wrapped up in problems which can cause them lose their sense of good judgment and ability to solve problems. 


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and as is positioned at the end of winter in the northern hemisphere.This period when the sun aligns with Pisces may urge you to engage in deep introspection and look back on your experiences during the past year. 

Pisces is perhaps one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac and as such, it is the perfect time to contemplate on your past so you can wash away any regrets, come to terms with past mistakes, and figure out which aspects of your life you need to change. As a mutable Sign, people born under Pisces are known to be adaptable, flexible, and sympathetic- traits that are useful to have when you are in the midst of making serious changes in your life. 

Like other water signs, Pieces is driven by empathy and emotions. The sign is symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions, which is interpreted to signify the duality in Pisces’ personality. 

Some people might find Pisces energy a bit overwhelming, especially those who aren’t used to dealing with their emotions and are averse to change.

Pisces is also the creative artist of the zodiac. Working with Labradorite stimulates the imagination. Its colorful flashes from its laminate structure help to reveal our goals and our soul’s true intentions–giving them shape in the physical world. It also helps us to tap into our childlike enthusiasm. And since Pisces ignites intuition, labradorite’s mystical energy helps fortify our mediumistic abilities.



One of the best Crystals for Pisces that makes it to our list is Tiger’s Eye.

Interestingly, in olden times, this Crystal was used to ward off the Evil Eye and creatures of the night. The Evil Eye is a person’s ability to transfer negative energy by just one look.

For the introverted Pisces, Tiger’s Eye is great for overcoming shyness and gaining more self-confidence.

Money-wise, it helps create a life of abundance and more opportunities for financial growth.

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