Parenting Fatigue Crystals 😴😨😩❤️

Parenting Fatigue Crystals 😴😨😩❤️

Parenting Fatigue Crystals 😴😨😩❤️

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Parenting Fatigue Crystals 😴😨😩❤️The closure of schools in England has turned the lives of millions of families upside down for the second time in less than a year.

😴Less than 48 hours after the prime minister's address, traffic on the search engine was up by 314% on last year and employment law specialists have seen a "massive increase" in demand for advice for parents.

🤭❤️We know we’re not supposed to get too cross at our children. But parents are very stressed at the moment, and frustration and anger are inevitable. Overwhelmed with everything you’ve been asked to do, you find yourself losing your temper at kids who aren’t on their best behavior either. But when your circumstances aren’t normal, your parenting won’t be normal. So don’t panic! Set yourself realistic goals each day and don’t expect too much of yourself or your kiddies! Here are your crystal helpers ...

MOOKAITE JASPER ~ Patience! AMETHYST ~ Calm! & ROSE QUARTZ ~ Love 💓 all we need to survive Home School Parenting Fatigue!! 🙏🏼💕😅


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