Kids Treasure Subscription🎁💌📦📮

Kids Love Crystals!!! This is something we have come to realise over the last few years, every time we have a little visitor to the Crystal loft🔮Kids can benefit significantly from a crystal's energy, and with children being so naturally open and spiritual by nature, they are absolute perfect recipients for healing crystals and their wonderful properties.💎 Whether its a better nights sleep, help at school or with learning, handling emotions or a boost of self confidence... by the end of the subscription, your child will have a collection of crystals for all their needs!
The first subscription will come with a beautiful wooden treasure chest that will become the home for all of the crystals that will arrive over the next few months, an introductory meaning card listing all of the crystals you will be receiving, what they do and how best to use them. All following deliveries will include one tumbled crystal to add to the treasure chest.🛍 🔮💎🛍🎁💌📦📮
each parcel will cost just £1 plus postage and packaging!! You can choose the frequency at which they will arrive, whether that be each week, each fortnight or every 4 weeks!!! You may also cancel at anytime 🔮❤️📬📮🎁💌
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Warning: For ages 7 and up, or with adult supervision. As with any small object, be careful that you keep small crystals out of toddlers' reach so that they don't become a choking hazard. Larger crystals can flake off and create smaller pieces as well. Teach your children not to throw them so that they don't break into smaller pieces. Make sure you check their pockets before running the washer or dryer.