♊️ Gemini Howlite & Agate 💎

♊️ Gemini Howlite & Agate 💎

♊️ Gemini Howlite & Agate 💎

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♊️ Gemini ~ May 21 to June 20 ~ Twin 2 x Personalities Fun & Serious

The sociable, quick-witted and intelligent sign of Gemini tend to be brilliant advice-givers. If you have a problem, turn to a Gemini and a solution will be quickly presented to you! You may not always like what they have to say (they can be rather blunt and direct in their approach at times) but you would certainly be wise to heed their words.

If you are a Gemini, you will of course already know this. But what about the advice that you need, Gemini? Do you sometimes feel that you’d like to harness your inner wisdom for yourself, but at times have trouble struggling to access it?

 There are certain Crystals that can be particularly powerful for you and unlock your many talents. Yours is a sign of duality and you, more than any other sign, can feel positive energies and negatives ones with more potency.


Though a sign of much intelligence and racing thoughts, Gemini sometimes struggle to articulate these thoughts. What’s more, their whirlwind minds can sometimes lead them to pie-in-the-sky sort of thinking where their head remains in the clouds for a bit too long (Tarot enthusiasts will relate this to the 7 of Cups). The Crystal Agate (any type of agate) is brilliant for grounding and bringing clarity to thoughts. It can help them communicate on a more effective level and remove some of the bluntness that others can at times perceive as insensitive.

Howlite is a grounding Crystal, one that brings soothe and calm. This is a great Crystal for Gemini; because their thoughts can be so varied and numerous at times, it is not uncommon for them to descend into anxiety or feeling fraught with nerves, particularly if the thoughts turn negative. Such moments can produce stress and strain on a mental, physical and emotional level. Howlite can help bring a sense of calm and help them realize that things may not be as bad as they think, that there may be an element of making a mountain out of a molehill (Tarot enthusiasts will recognise this as the quintessential 9 of Swords. 

It can eliminate negative opinions of one’s self and of others, and help bring a greater sense of understanding to the deeper meaning behind these thoughts.

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