Fire & Ice Quartz 🔥❄️🌈🧊💎 The Crystal for NEW BEGINNINGS & PROFOUND GROWTH!!!


🔥🌈❄️🧊💎 Fire & Ice Quartz Points all with Rainbows 🌈💎❄️🔥🧊💎 & now we have bigger ones 🥰🥰🥰🥰 The Crystal for NEW BEGINNINGS & PROFOUND GROWTH!!!

These immensely powerful Crystals are a form of Quartz but with a serious kick!!! These raise our physical body’s vibration to such a level that it cannot hold on to negative energies... there simply will be no place for them any longer!!

These amazing points are one of the few Crystals that work with ALL Chakras!!! They allow for instinctive healing on all levels, whilst aligning the body with our souls true purpose!! 🙏🏼💎

This Quartz is characterised by numerous internal fissures resulting in the appearance of rainbows within the Crystalline matrix.

Use when meditating, within a Crystal manifestation grid or in any room to shift the energy to a positive state! 💎🔥❄️💎🔥❄️💎🔥❄️ #fire #ice #quartz #vibrationalhealing #vibrations #healing #manifestation #manifest #crystals