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Feng Shui Ba Gua 🧧🎎🎏


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    Your Feng Shui Ba Gua 🧧🎎🎏

The combination of the symbol yin yang with the sacred symbols of the Eight Trigrams or Ba Gua (mirror) forms a powerful tool that diffuses the impact of bad energy entering the home. This hanging bagua is designed with the twelve Chinese horoscope animals encircling a flat mirror at the back.

 A bagua is a useful cure in Feng Shui. This octagonal tool is used for safeguarding against very dangerous energies, known as Shar Chi. The types of issues that arise from this Shar Chi can range from arguments and tension, to sickness or accidents.

 The bagua mirror is very powerful in repelling malicious spirits and energies. Place your bagua above the main entrance of your home, it will serve to drive away malevolent spirits, bad luck and people with bad intentions. Please ensure that these are hung only at the entrance and not in any other rooms 🏡 🚪 ❤️🖤🎎🧧🎏 #bagua #fengshui #home #door #yang #mirror #spirit