Dichroic Glass Pendants Solid Silver 🥰✨


The Dichroic glass as its epithet is a glass which is formed up of two or more colour transmitted and reflected by the glass. Extensively created by NASA to solve the purpose of space and laser industries, so it is man made, but as we all know everything whether man-made or natural has some sort of energy vibration imbibed. These imbibed energy vibrations from the Mother nature has metaphysical properties as well. Furthermore, this glass is created with metallic oxides which would take their properties to it. Perception says that it is helpful for seeing past misapprehensions, communication with cosmological beings, bringing childlike ecstasy into the wearer’s spirit, and in meditation. It is surely employed effectively as a focal point in meditation by staring into the strata of the color of the methamphetamine.

If people stick to this wonderful Dichroic glass naturally, it allows them go deep in the spiritual light. Also known as a glass of the light, it with its high vibrational frequency provides the immediate access to a meditative state. The powerful Dichroic crystal energies believed to activate the Third Eye, Crown, and etheric chakras and create gentle awareness to use the hidden creative side of the wearing individual.

Healers believed that the colour energies of this glass resonate deep within the body and open up all the channels for meditation, it is also supposed to stimulate the creative visualisation of the carrier inspired from the cleric. Multi colour crystals ranging from clean white, colorless, orange, and at times purple make it a rare glittering jewelry. For its pure colour energies, it is presented with the name feminine crystal of the moon and angels, linked with motherhood 🥰🥰🥰 #colour #dichroicglass #pendant