ADHD & Autism Crystal Set 🔮

ADHD & Autism Support 🔮💎🙌🏼
ADHD occurs when one side of your brain attains dominance. The imbalance is the cause of ADHD/ ADD in adults and Children.  Children being tiny Angels, it is wrong to stop them harshly. Crystals on the other hand, resonate energies that blend into their brain waves and instruct Calmness and Focus!
White Howlite is the key Crystal for ultimate Calm, Howlite is historically known as the tranquilliser Crystal, Boosting Memory, capturing Attention, keeping Focus and even helps to voice their thoughts effortlessly.
Rose Quartz is a compassionate Crystal with the softest energies, Rose Quartz helps to heal Anxiety, Panic Attacks and other underlying Mental Illness. Holding Rose Quartz over your child’s heart every morning when they wake up is an excellent way to calm the hyperactivity!
Sodalite can help to find efficient ways of dealing with daily tasks and problems. Physically, Sodalite can ease Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Mental Confusion, and Fear/Phobias. Bringing Harmony, Healing & Calm Communication having harmonising and soothing effect on you. Sodalite helps to strengthen your confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.
Grounding Hematite - as people on the spectrum are usually very much in their heads grounding Crystals can be useful in helping them to get their feet on the ground and connect with the earth. Hematite Crystals are great for helping all of us to get back into our bodies and out of the clouds. Hematite is also very good for protecting ourselves and our own energy. Place in your child's pocket at school so that they don't come home with anyone else's emotional "stuff".
(If you yourself are on the spectrum you may find it useful to wear Hematite as a necklace, and if you work with or spend a lot of time with people with Autism or ADHD you may find that a grounding Crystal can keep you balanced too!