Crystals For A Little Girls Bedroom 🦄💖💤💎🔮💕💖👧🏼🦄


For under her pillow 🛌💕 Crystals For A Little Girls Bedroom 🦄💖💤💎🔮💕💖👧🏼🦄 to pop under her pillow 💕

Strong Women, may we be them & may we raise them 👌🏼🙏🏼💕😘💖🦄😍👧🏼 🛏💕🛏🔮 the Crystals include ~

Rose Quartz 🌹 as a loving mummy or daddy cuddle when they are alone in their rooms 💕💕💕

🔮 Amethyst for a peaceful calming and relaxing energy helping them drift off into a peaceful ☮️ dream filled sleep 💤

Jade 💚 to bring them Good Fortune 🔮 & positive Friendships 💕

& 🌝 Moonstone for strong feminine energy, breading Confidence and self love 💖 🛏☮️💕🔮😘😍🌹🛏🦄💖🍬🤩💎 #girl #bedroom #sleep #love #joy #friendship #crystals #comfort #support #guidence #loveyou


✨ Angel wings not included 😘