Crystal Knowledge Building Online Courses 🚀🤩❤️💎

Crystal Knowledge Building Online Courses 🚀🤩❤️💎
Crystal Knowledge Building Online Courses 🚀🤩❤️💎

Crystal Knowledge Building Online Courses 🚀🤩❤️💎

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Crystal Knowledge Building Courses 🚀🤩❤️💎 guys it’s here! I don’t really know why it’s taken me all this time to think of doing this… I have messages all the time from people confused where to start, not sure which crystals to start with etc… we know crystals are calling us and we know we’re intrigued to explore, but where to start??? The information online is immense and often confusing! So let me break it down for you, into manageable information ℹ️ and help you on your way to Crystal heaven!!!

I've separated the information into three course, which can act as building blocks, deepening your knowledge each time, but also as stand alone workshops for you to select in line with your current knowledge base. 

I'm going to talk you though the crystals in a real life style, I’m going to talk to you from personal experience, how I use them and have benefited from them! And I’m so excited to share!!! The workshops will take place via zoom 🏎 and all links will be sent ahead of time ❤️

workshops are as follows:

1️⃣ Crystals for beginners! Where to start, what they do, how to use and care for them and the top 10 Crystal essentials 

2️⃣ The next 10 crystals ~ working through these in depth, from personal experience and how these 10 superstars can help you! 

3️⃣ The next 10 slightly rarer and less well known crystals and their amazing powers!!! 

These classes were recored via zoom and the link will be emailed to you upon purchase. Enjoy xxxx




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