Crystal Grid Ingredients 💕❤️🙏🏼ℹ️💕❤️🙏🏼


Crystal Grids! Ever wondered what they are for? Tempted to create one yourself? It’s easier than you may think! People are going crazy for these intricately designed patterns of crystals known as a grid. According to those in the know, these pieces of high-vibe home art can bring all kinds of good vibes to you and your home ... and what better time to try this than when most of us are trying to stay home during this crisis!!


Please enjoy our new Crystal Grid Ingredients product where you can buy your ingredients to create the perfect grid in your home.


Much like a kitchen cupboard, a grid has a few core ingredients that you can use to add to your favourite personal pieces to ramp up their energy!!

❤️Rose Quartz Point: Focus love energy in the direction you choose

❤️Mini Vogal Style Point: Energy Flow like you have never felt before!!

❤️Mini Quartz Points: An added energy boost!

Let’s go!!! Here’s how to create your perfect grid:


The first thing to do is determine the reason behind why you’re making a grid. Possible purposes could include abundance, love, or even acing a tough test. Or it could be something like: “Having courage to do what I feel is right and to speak up at a time we’re all being asked to be more courageous in our lives and not shrink.”


Many of the grids on Instagram are massive, but a grid could also be a simple circle or square. All these shapes carry a different energy. Triangles tap into simplicity and structure. Squares help with boundaries, while spirals are about reaching out and expanding. The grid that’s really powerful for courage is a circle shape, which represents belonging, oneness, and protection. Place a grid in locations that You know You’ll see them, and placing plants nearby or by windows to receive solar and lunar energies.


You’ll want to choose crystals that have the properties that coincide with your intention. For example, Citrine for money or abundance, Clear Quartz for health, Rose Quartz for Love, kyanite to help with communication, heart chakrastones like rose quartz and malachite for self-compassion and self-acceptance, Selenite to call in spirit guides, and amazonite around the edge for universal love.

Also if you have some special items that you found like some seashells or really just any special trinkets that mean something to you, those can stand in for some crystals and add even deeper meaning to your grid because of their personal connection to you.


Once you have your grid in place, activate it with your intention. This means speaking the intention aloud so that the universe knows you’re serious. For example you could say something like, “I have created this grid to help inspire connection to my courage, to lift my voice, when I have a tendency to shrink.”

Each time you pass your grid, you can hold your hand to your heart and solar plexus and remind yourself of its purpose. Crystals are from the earth, They’re healing. They’re supportive. They’re there for you. We’re walking on them all the time. They’re with us in our cell phones and our computers. We don’t realize they’re so prevalent in our lives already.

Because of this, crystal grids are one DIY way to amplify their energy healing properties in your home where there’s no such thing as too many good vibes.