Fibromyalgia Crystal Set 🙌🏼💎🔮✨

💞🙌🏼 Crystals for Fibromyalgia 🙌🏼💞
Fibromyalgia syndrome affects the muscles and soft tissue. Symptoms include chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep problems, and painful tender points or trigger points, which can have a serious effect on sufferers day to day lives. Crystals can complement alongside other medications and lifestyle changes.
Crystal Harmony have put together this collection due to popular demand to bring some relief to our lovely customers. Keep these 8 crystals close by at all times, hold to areas of pain and add to your bath water (excluding selenite and hematite)
Clear Quartz ~ The Master Healer, for both physical and emotional pain. Clear quartz also changes our outlook into more of a positive one. Hold your Clear Quartz in your hand whilst telling it your intentions and desires for improved health
Selenite & Hematite ~ For pain relief. People who suffer from Fibromyalgia report pain in various places across the body, no two cases are identical, nevertheless, pain is a serious and unwelcome side effect of this condition. Hold these crystals to the source of pain for at least 30 minutes daily if you can
Fluorite ~ A powerful immune system support and booster. Fluorite also absorbs anxious feelings from the body. Keep close but cleanse regularly
Amethyst ~ For side effects such as headaches, hold the crystal to the forehead whilst lying down for headache relief. Amethyst is also extremely calming and comforting
Howlite ~ Calming and a great sleep aid; pop howlite under your pillow for a perfect night’s sleep. Howlite also absorbs anger and frustration that one may feel occasionally whilst living with this condition
Citrine ~ Amazing for digestion related side effects and for irritable bowel syndrome. Use bandage tape to secure this crystal to the tummy area as you go about your day for quick relief
Rose Quartz ~ Last but by no means least, Rose Quartz, the crystal of Love. Love is the answer to all our problems, surrounding yourself with rose quartz encourages a loving energy, and giving you a metaphorical hug from the universe, reminding you to take care and love yourself and your amazing human body
With love from Crystal Harmony xxx