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Clear Quartz Crystal Cat 🐈💎


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🐈💎 Cat represents having a finely tuned sense of self care, self pace and self nourishment, take time to yourself, to pamper yourself with pure delight... just like a Cat! 🐈💎

Practice being just like the Cat spirit animal symbol, do it with style and grace, offering no apologies or excuses ... 🧘🏻‍♀️💎🐈🥰 Cat is fanciful and ever so independent. Cat is a powerful totem when you are in need of independence and self confidence. Cat moves in elegant and beguiling ways, lending to her mystery and her magic. Cat knows the ways of the magic realm, whenever you do magic or ritual work Cat will come to your side having been drawn to the energies, staying near... bathing in the luxurious energies 🐈💎💕 #cat #catsofinstagram #cats #cats_of_instagram #catlife #catlovers #catstagram #quartz #crystals