Chrysoprase Grade A Crystals 💚📿


💚💞 Chrysoprase Grade A Crystals 💕💚💕💚

Chrysoprase Crystals are one of the best antidepressants in the world of Crystal healing 🙌🏼 
It's always a fine line between self-preservation and letting go of grudges, and Chrysoprase Crystals are excellent for supporting this delicate balance of emotions 💞 Forgive and forget or be paralysed That's the wisdom of Chrysoprase 👵🏻

Activate the heart Chakra and give forgiveness a TRY 🙏🏼 This magical Crystal reminds us how AMAZING it feels to be free of these kinds of toxic emotions 🤗

A happy state of mind is the first step towards healing, Wear Chrysoprase & snap out of it. In other words, get out of your head and into your heart with Chrysoprase, the Crystal that symbolises joy and optimism ❤️

💸💰 Rub Chrysoprase over the envelope of any applications or letters you send out relating to employment, money, or new business to bring good news to those areas 💌 ~ hold over your 📱💻 computer, tablet or phone before applying online for a new job or anything to do with business or finances 💸💰

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