Chakra Crystal Collection 🌈

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Crystals to balance, harmonise and unblock your 7 Chakras
Crown (top of the head) Spirituality ~ Use Clear Quartz
Blocked = Cynical, Ill Health, Frustration, Nervousness, Closed Minded
3rd Eye (between the eyebrows) Intuition ~ Use Amethyst
Blocked = Tiredness, Headaches, Confusion, Lack of Drive & Motivation
Throat (the centre of the collar bones) Expressing yourself ~ Sodalite
Blocked = Mental Health or Communication Problems, Suppressed Emotions
Heart (centre of the chest) Love & Empathy ~ Use Rose Quartz
Blocked = Emotional Confusion, People Pleasers, Defensive
Solar (just below the breastbone) Emotions ~ Tigers Eye
Blocked = Poor Sleep, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Indecision, Bossy
Sacral (below the tummy button) Creativity & Life Force ~ Carnelian
Blocked = Kidney Problems, Back Pain, Ruled by Others, Numb
Root (the base of the spine) Earth & Nature ~ Red Jasper
Blocked = Excess Negativity, Water Retention, Eating Disorders, Insecure
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