♋️ Cancer Moonstone & Citrine 🌙

♋️ Cancer Moonstone & Citrine 🌙

♋️ Cancer Moonstone & Citrine 🌙

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♋️ Cancer ~  June 21 to July 22

Notable for their intuition and sensitivity, Cancerians are deeply sentimental people with strong ties to family. Those born under Cancer tend to keep close to their roots, as they love being around family and tend to dislike small talk and socializing with strangers. Their strong affinity for family and deep friendships is what makes them such great people to have in one’s life. If you ever find yourself in trouble or facing a difficult situation, having a Cancerian in your family is priceless. They will defend you no matter what, even though they generally hate confrontations and prefer to keep to themselves. 

When it comes to defending their family and their homes, Cancerians are willing to confront anyone or any situation (regardless of size or power) even if it leads to their personal detriment. This courage is heavily influenced by their sign, 🦀 willing to leave their homes and walk sideways when necessary. 

Cancerians are deeply sensitive people and as such, they have a strong sense of empathy. This trait makes them patient and gentle towards others especially those who are close to them. However, Cancerians can be prone to mood swings and can just as easily become withdrawn, impatient, insecure, and suspicious of others (even those who are close to them). When the tide turns for the moody Cancerian, the once helpful and sensitive person everyone loves can become depressed, self-deprecating, and self-pitying.

Like your sign’s ruler, the Moon, your personality has many phases to it and you hold many mysteries within you, sometimes even unbeknown to yourself.

While highly empathic by nature, you can also sometimes misconstrue other people’s intentions, especially those who are not very close to you. You might feel unfairly treated by those you love because they don’t give back as much as they take from you. Cancerians are generally selfless when it comes to family and close friends but during tough times, you may feel the need to be reciprocated for the things you do for others. However, people around you might not quite understand what it is you need or want from them, which can often lead to conflicts even in your closest relationships.

 The ancient Greeks and Romans  believed that the stone came directly from the rays of the moon and as such, it has been used since ancient times as a protective talisman especially when traveling at night. 

Moonstone is associated with the Heart, Sacral, Crown and Third Eye Chakras, making it a powerful Crystal for improving one’s intuition (a trait that Cancerians already have an affinity for) and for connecting with one’s subconscious (the inner self and the divine).

It is especially helpful for Cancerians suffering from clouded thoughts as a result of self-doubt. It is also a stone of self-expression and is helpful for times when you have trouble telling people what you want or need from them, a problem that many people face especially when dealing with sensitive issues regarding relationships. 

Citrine is known as the “Merchant’s Stone” because of its reputation for attracting prosperity especially in business. It is a powerful manifestation stone not only for attracting money but also for boosting creativity and turning your goals into reality.

It is yellow in Colour and resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra and as such, it is an excellent stone for people dealing with self-esteem issues. It is also a powerful Crystal for keeping one’s boundaries clear, which is something a lot of Cancerians have trouble with because of their naturally empathic and helpful nature.

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