Blue Tigers Eye Crystals 💙🐅👁🦅💎


Special Blue Tigers Eye Crystals 💙
💙 🦅🐅👁 Blue Tigers Eye, which is also known as Hawk's Eye, enhances integrity of communication and practical communication 🦅💙🐅👁
It can help find courage to recognise thoughts and ideas,
and the willpower to carry them into reality 💪🏼🐅👁🦅💙
It is also a Crystal of intuition and insight 💙👁🔮✨
Blue Tigers Eye can be used for protection 🐅💪🏼
especially of the upper Chakras 🌈
💙 Brings good luck to those who wears or carries it 🍀
Associated with the throat and third eye Chakras 🐅👀💙🦅👁🐅 #hawkeye #tigerseye #tiger #blue #protectivestyles #lucky #throatchakra #thirdeye