Bloodstone Crystals ❤️✨


 ❤️ Bloodstone ❤️ In ancient times warriors carried Bloodstone during battle as it was believed that Bloodstone would stop the bleeding if a warrior was wounded ❤️ 💪🏼 Bloodstone is a physical strengthener and enhances self esteem, self appreciation and calms anxiousness. It’s energies are also believed to purify the blood 🙏🏼 This gorgeous Crystal promotes love for family and enhances wealth and success in business ❤️💰✨ With Love from Crystal Harmony xxx


Each Crystal includes a beautiful meaning card & is Cleansed & Charged using dried Lavender & Rose Petals 🔮💎🌹🍃💜 Amethyst & Selenite charging energy 🙌🏼✨ #bloodstone #blood #health #healthylifestyle #crystals #warriors #battle #selfesteem #selfappreciation #success #business