Black Moonstone Dragon Eggs 🐉🔮🖤🌚🌙🌚


Black Moonstone Dragon Eggs 🐉🔮🖤🌚🌙🌚 Black Moonstone is very calming and grounding 🌚👁🐉🔮✨ It enhances intuition and inner knowing. ... 🌚 Black Moonstone is a Crystal for "Feeling" and understanding via intuition and emotional "thoughts" 🤔 💭 rather than via intellectual reasoning 🖤🌚🌙 🌚🐉🌙🔮💎  🖤 Black Moonstone is a rare form of Moonstone found in Madagascar 🇲🇬 Crystal of deep feminine energies 🌚Also, Black Moonstone is very protective. It can help deflect negative energy and encourage inspiration. It helps take bad moods and brings them back into a more positive emotional state 🌚 #black #moonstone #moon #intuition 🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉#emotional #feminine #energy #bracelets #crystals