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💜❤️ Beautiful Super 7 Specimen 🥰


💜❤️ Beautiful Super 7 Specimen  🥰 Mentally, Spiritually & Physically harmonising 🔮 this extremely sought after crystal is a blend of 7 powerful healing crystals: Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Clear Quartz, Geothite, Rutile, Smokey Quartz, and Lepidocrocite ❤🔮 also called the Sacred Seven or Melody Crystal, this Crystal will assist you in merging your spiritual and everyday worlds. This amazing combination of energies, operates on a spiritual level, and affects your whole body... slowly but surely, making you feel more and more at home in your own skin, both physically and emotionally! 🔮 This Crystal amplifies our zest and lust for life ... giving us a huge energy boost!!! So supercharging, this Crystal is a great companion to any other crystal to amplify its properties ❤🔮❤ A crystal that children will be naturally drawn to, and perfect to use at the beginning and the end of a beloved pets life 🙏🏼❤ This Crystal is also self cleansing! 🔮 get ready... you life is about to lift to a whole other higher realm 🥰🙏🏼🥰🔮💎❤ #super7 #pendant #silver #cleanse #mothernature #harmony #higherfrequency #vibratehigherp

Guys! We spend a lot of time talking about the 7 main chakras ~ but we can often overlook 2 other really important ones! ❤️🌎❤️ we have 2 other major chakras that often go unspoken about ~ THE SOUL STAR ⭐️ & THE EARTH 🌎 STAR CHAKRAS!

Located 6 inches above the Crown 👑 The Soul Star Chakra 💆🏼‍♀️ Tapping into your soul’s past may help you better understand fears and challenges in this current lifetime, why you’re being faced with them, and how to overcome them. Another benefit of tapping into your soul’s past is better understanding the relationships and people in your life. 💆🏼‍♀️ Via this chakra, Divine light and energy filters down into the crown chakra for distribution throughout the body ❤️ The white ray energy of the eighth chakra is a powerful restorative. It will aid emotional balancing and stability, and bring deep inner peace and tranquility. 

Located 6 inches below the feet 🦶🏼 The Earth Star Chakra 🌎 Also known as the “super root”, the esoteric Earth Star Chakra is the first of the fifth-dimensional, transpersonal (outside of the physical body) chakras that represents how grounded and connected to the Earth, and our Souls, we are.


Some, have even nicknamed the Earth Star Chakra, “The Billionaire Chakra” or “Manifesting Chakra”, since this chakra (along with your root), provides your stability, balanced, and structure while living on planet Earth.

Clearing and activating this special chakra will clear the way for higher consciousness to flow through you and assist with manifesting abundance, while keeping you grounded in day to day life.

 Both of these chakras can be balanced by using SUPER SEVEN ~ take 2 pieces, lie down, place one 6 inches about your head, and the other 6 inches below your feet and lie still for aprox 30 mins ❤️💞🌎💞❤️🌎 Just see what visions come to the foreground of your mind 🤩🤩🤩🤩