Ancestralite ❤️💫⚡️❤️💫⚡️


Ancestralite ❤️💫❤️ is a mineral that is is variety of hematite and similar to magnetite created deep within the earth and under enormous pressure. This mineral is one of the first created and so has a memory both ancient and potent ❤️❤️❤️Believed to be more magic 💫💫⚡️ than hematite, Ancestralite is able to bring one’s energy field in close and tight to protect one’s energy from contamination and at the same time, ground any negative energy bouncing off it. This makes Ancestralite the perfect crystal to aid one’s aura in becoming strong 💪🏼💫❤️💫 Keep a piece on you whenever you leave your home or safe place and know that by holding it you are shielded from vampire like energy draining encounters ❤️💫❤️ #Ancestralite #aura #magic #earth #energy #special #crystals