Amethyst Juicy Crystals 💜☮️🔮

  • 🔮☮️💜 Juicy Amethyst Crystals ☮️🔮💜

The easiest way to use Amethyst is to put under your pillow before you go to sleep, where it will ward of sleeplessness and nightmares 😴😴😴 Nothing helps more with reducing stress than a good night’s sleep 💤 #amethyst #sleep #rest #relax #calm #bed #goodnight #sleepy #sleeptight 💞💎🔮😴💜

🙅🏽 ‘Crystal of Protection’
Amethyst is used as a psychic
protection Crystal 🙅🏽
 & is also used to protect you from thieves & to protects traveler’s
Bringing Balance, Patience, Calm & Peace
💜Amethyst is a Natural Tranquilliser
Promotes Peacefulness, Happiness & Contentment
‘Used as a Dream Crystal & to help Insomnia 
place your Amethyst Crystal underneath your pillow to bring 
about pleasant dreams & restful sleep’ 💜

With love from Crystal Harmony xxx

Also includes a pretty meaning card, cleansed & Charged useing Dried Lavender & Rose 🌹 Petals ~ super Charged with positive intentions with our stunning Amethyst church & Selenite Charging sticks 💎💪🏼✨