Black Obsidian Arrowheads 🖤🎯🖤

Negative people. They're like human black holes who suddenly come out of nowhere and just suck the life out of you. You try to stay positive and remain strong but their negativity ends up just completely draining you, you feel exhausted, and you may also start to feel fed up too... well not anymore!!!! These babies literally put a force field of protection around you so that other’s negativity just bounces off you!!! Black Obsidian Arrowheads!!!🖤🎯🖤Black Obsidian Arrowheads symbolise alertness and awareness and points us towards making wise decisions away from negative influences of any kind!!! 🙅🏽 Brings Strength & Courage 💪🏼
Helps to absorb your worries 💕
Deflecting negativity away from you & your aura 🙅🏽
Blocks negative energies & draws out mental tension ▪️Dissolves emotional blockages & old traumas. Reduces the pain of arthritis & joint problems. Helps to protect against depression 💜
With Love from Crystal Harmony xxx

Also includes a meaning card, cleansed & charged using dried Lavender & beautifully gift wrapped :-)  😀🔮💎🙏🏼🙅🏽▪️