Taurus ♉️ Season 2021 ~ Crystals 💞🥰♉️💎


Taurus ♉️ Season 2021 ~ Crystals 💞🥰♉️💎

💚Green Aventurine: Promotes relaxation, regeneration and recovery; attracts monetary abundance

💙Blue Kyanite: Removes physical and energetic blockages; may aid throat, brain and muscular system disorders 

💚Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of love, beauty and value, and it rules our second house of finance.

💚Green Aventurine is a potent crystal to use in money magic and rituals. As the green-gold, money-colored stone of good fortune, it’s been used for centuries to conjure financial stability (it’s sometimes called the “gambler’s stone”). Merchants often keep a piece of Green Aventurine in or near a cash register to increase sales. It is also beneficial to use in a money-drawing altar.

💙Taurus rules the neck, throat and voice. Kyanite aligns with the throat chakra. As a mystical stone, kyanite is the stone of attunement and higher insight. Kyanite can help us to see beyond the physical plane. Then we can clear our throat, so-to-speak, and find our voice.

💙Kyanite’s can help keep it real in the romance department. Instead of adorning your loved one with gifts, try words? Expressing your love with your newfound voice is powerful.

💙Try meditating with Blue Kyanite near your throat chakra to achieve these goals.