Customised Crystal Bracelet ~ Handmade by Hayley 💎

Sometimes knowing which Crystals to wear can seem overwhelming with so many different Crystals on offer 💎  ~ we would like to offer you a Customised Crystal bracelet prescription service ~ simply pop in the notes of the order, what you'd like the Crystals to help you with ~ & we will design a beautiful bracelet for you incorporating the perfect crystals for your needs 🔮💎😀
You will then liaise with Hayley on the design of your bracelet and sizing etc. Your bracelet will then arrive with meaning cards for each crystal in your bracelet, in a pretty organza bag, dried lavender and rose petals, cleansed ~ ready for you to use 🔮💎😀
With Love from Crystal Harmony xxx 
* Please note that this is a Crystal Collection to comfort & support - Not a replacement for Medical Treatment (should you need medication or treatment). We are not medical professionals ( we are Crystal professionals :-) ) - Crystals should be used along side Medication & Medical Treatments as advised by your Doctor *