The new normal 😨 what even is that? Crystals... thank heavens for you!!!

by Claire & Emma Crystal Sisters

The new normal 😨 what even is that? How much life has changed over the last year 😷 if someone had said 2020 would be this monumental, I’m not sure we would have believed them 😅🙊 So crystals... thank heavens for you!!! This is how we cope guys! Our Lockdown/ Quarantine/ Mask Wearing 😷/ Social Distancing/ Shielding, SOS crystals 🆘. We know so many of you are struggling at the moment, and we can understand why! We’ve all been on this crazy journey; from the start we looked on in shock and disbelief that the country was to be locked down – we were home schooling, all indoors, our houses became our safe place but also a place we sometimes felt claustrophobic! Our immediate families were there with us, we felt lucky that they were there and safe but relationships were tested, nerves were frayed, all whilst telling ourselves we should think ourselves lucky we weren’t alone! We’d switch the news on and see families grieving loved ones, people losing their COVID battle and key workers being the true heroes, businesses going under, people losing their jobs, kids not having school meals … then we’d feel so bad that we even complained about that silly little thing earlier that day!!! Guys – we must not underestimate how much of a toll this has taken on us all – and we must remember that whilst there is always a worse story than ours, it doesn’t mean our emotions are not valid – and we may need a little time to recover and recharge.

And… let’s not forget, were not even out of the woods yet! The situation is still unknown, mask wearing is now sadly so normal, and COVID is showing no immediate signs of going away anytime soon. So we troop on, we keep going, we adapt we move we bend we flex; because us humans are utterly fantastic at doing this. So yes, we have more of this to come and there isn’t a huge amount that we can do on our own to make everything ok again. One thing that we must remind ourselves of is that we must focus on controlling the things in our lives that we are able to control. This is how we have been coping lately, our crystals of choice and why: 

ANGELITE’S gentle and calming energy helps to banish negative emotions such as anger, fear, and anxiety by converting them into feelings of peace and serenity! Angelite entails a reassuring energy that your angels are watching over you and will carry you through any stressful and anxiety inducing situation. Having the gentle energy of Angelite nearby to remind you that you are divinely taken care of and that it is okay to surrender and trust, can be very comforting. 

OPALITE is also at talisman of personal power, known to have an effect in increasing self-esteem, as well as in improving one’s self worth. Together with these sanctioning qualities, it may also produce the associated quality of the inner strength in order to express or uncover one’s more buried, deeper feelings. When it comes to the emotional aspect of life, opalite is perfect for the current times as we are all experiencing a great change.

AMETHYST The purple protector, here to kick out all kinds of stress and anxiety and bring soothing shades of spirituality straight to your life. Amethyst is known for being one of the strongest crystals out there; slip out this crystal every time you feel a flush of negative energy and let it bathe you in its serene light of being. 

LAPIS LACE is a blend of Scheelite, Dolomite and Calcite. Lapis Lace promotes a sense of stability and teaches trust and helps to overcome difficulties and setbacks. It is an energy amplifier, making us more energetic and industrious. 

FLUORITE  absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. An excellent learning aid, Fluorite increases our powers of concentration, self-confidence and helps us in decision-making. It encourages positivity, balances the energies, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally.

BLUE LACE AGATE Blue Lace Agate is a rock star for soothing an overactive mind and calming nerves. Similar to the effects of gazing at a pale blue sky that stretches out to the horizon, Blue Lace Agate is the best tool for relaxing and maintaining a calm demeanour. Call on this crystal for a much-needed daily dose of positive vibes, the best antidote to the stress of our busy, hectic lives. Blue Lace Agate is for creativity and peace. Keep by your bedside for more restful sleep!

PURPLE OBSIDIAN A strongly protective stone, it forms a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from the environment. Obsidian draws out mental stress and tension. 

INCENSE The whole idea behind cleansing through burning incense sticks is that the smoke that arises attaches itself to all the negative vibes within the space, being, or object. After some time, when the smoke settles to the ground, it brings down all the negative energy leaving refreshing positive energies.

FRANKINCENSE OIL Super helpful if you’re aiming for a ‘living in the moment’ state of mindfulness, or just having a really bad day and needing to centre yourself- try adding a few drops onto a tissue and inhale deeply to dissolve frazzle.

So guys, let's grab our chosen crystals to help us see that this time is a chance to take a step back, rethink our life journey & enjoy a new way of thinking & to perhaps even change our lives for the better! Click Here to shop all the above xxx