Network Marketing, Entrepreneur, Money Makers

Network Marketing, Entrepreneur, Money Makers

April 02, 2017

🎤Calling all my lovely Network Marketing Stars 🌟 We receive lots of messages daily asking what would be the best Crystals to use 💎🔮 So we've put you the very best Crystal Collection together 💰💸💷 please Like, Comment & Share to receive a free Crystal gift with your order 🙌🏼 🔮💎 
💻📱Network Marketing Essential Success Crystal Collection  🔮💎 £15 
To keep at your home office & with your laptop at all times 💰👓💼💻📱💷💸 Purchase from our Shop £15 
💎 🔳 Zebra Agate 🔳 💎
💭The Crystal for dreaming BIG! 💭 
... But also the Crystal to give you the Vision to make those Dreams become your reality! 
☀️Citrine ☀️
💰The Merchant Crystal 💰
Brings Success & Prosperity ☀️
💰 Attracts Abundance, Wealth & Money 💰
🍊💪🏼💎Carnelian 🍊💪🏼💎
Confidence, Successful & Motivating Crystal  
Gives a massive Energy Boost & Strengthening Leadership Skills 
Increases Ambition & Inspiration 
Attract Prosperity & Good Luck
💚 Green Aventurine 🍀
‘Crystal of Opportunity’ 
🍀 Luckiest of all Crystals, especially in Manifesting Prosperity & Wealth 💰
💚 Increases your chances of Winning & Achieving your goals 🍀
🌜Moonstone🌛Balances yin & yang & Brings Good Fortune 'Moonstone is considered the Jewel of Luck’ Brings Success in Love as well as Business matters
⚓️ Smokey Quartz ⚓️💪🏽
Absorb negativity from all around you 🙅🏽
Helping you reach your Personal & Business goals ⚽️💫 & makes your Wishes come True 💫Brings Abundance, Prosperity & Good Luck 💰🌟🍀⚓️ The most Grounding & Anchoring Crystal ⚓️🔮💎 With Love from Crystal Harmony Claire & Emma  🔮💎


BEckie bArratt

BEckie bArratt said:

Hey ladies !! Soooo excited to be getting some crystals. Highly recommended ???❤️

Margaret Summerton

Margaret Summerton said:

I’ve recently received my very first order from Crystal Harmony, beautifully packaged and such a joy to open. I was like a kid at Christmas! Each item came with its own information which is so useful, especially when you’re new to crystals as I am. I loved handling all the crystals. When I first picked up my carnelian heart I was was surprised it felt warm and I knew it was meant for me. The angel wings dish is perfect too.?


Katey said:

Love, Love Love Crystal-Harmony, had 2 orders from them which I am so happy with, just waiting for another to come and I always get excited!! Very high quality pieces and customer service is above and beyond!! My fav shopping site 😊👍🏻

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