How to get the best from your AMAZING Crystals 🙋🏼🔮💎

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How to get the best from your AMAZING Crystals 🙋🏼🔮💎👼🏼🙌🏼 Run your Crystals under running water (the cold tap for a few seconds is fine) this will wash away unwanted energies that your Crystals might of picked up from the environment. Then place them on a bed of dried Lavender (over night is perfect) to give them a Lavender cleanse ..... the Lavender absorbs any further unwanted energies from your Crystals .... now your Crystals are nice & clean ~ it's time to Sprinkle a few drops of essential Lavender oil over your Crystals whilst telling them (whispering) what you'd like them to help you with ... filling your Crystals with your intensions .... the lavender oil also strengthens the actual Crystals natural energies ..... like giving them a battery charge up, hold your Crystals & close your eyes ... spending 5-20 minutes in a mental/ emotional meditation, sit quietly, warm & comfortably .... light some candles, make a herbal tea & create a moment of calm .... bond with your Crystals (holding them whilst thinking about how you'd like your life to be, your dreams, your desires, your feelings ..... even things that you no longer want apart of your life) your Crystals will help you to attract things into your life as well as helping you to release or rid things that no longer serve a positive influence in your life, allowing you to spiritual grow & helping you to find inner peace & happiness 🙂 now place your Crystals under your pillow or next to your bed, the closer your Crystals are to you, connecting to you ..... the faster you will notice the positivity 😀🙌🏼🙏🏼💎🔮👼🏼

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