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7 comments by Emma Miveld

Hi to all of our lovely Crystal Harmony friends  ... we are so excited to launch our new weekly Blog with you all! ... BUT we need your help first! ...

Within the blog we are going to select a topic from the list of issues/problems/difficulties that you, our customers are facing in life and we will address these topics day by day, offering practical help and tips and also carefully recommending exactly which crystals to use and how to use them to get the best results.

We are so keen to help everyone as much as we can and we have such a wide range of customers asking us so many different questions we wanted everyone to potentially benefit from our advice and guidance - and what better way to do this we thought, that to start to Blog about it ... for you all to read and enjoy.

We want to start by asking you to send us a message or comment on the Facebook post with any issues you are facing and that you would like our help with ... just to give you an example, over the last week alone we have been asked about help with Depression, how to calm hyperactive children, how to stick to a diet, how to not let other peoples negativity affect you, how to get a house ready to market, etc etc ... the list is endless, and we have so much to share, we can't wait to get started.

No request is to weird or wacky ... no such thing in our opinion and we will keep our blog responses completely anonymous :-)

But that is not all ... we want to go one step further ... we will then offer one person each week the option to try our suggested crystals, completely free of charge, and to let us know how they got on so that we can share those experiences with everyone - the crystals will be yours to keep at no cost - the only thing we ask in return is that you send us an email or message ... or even a good old letter in the post... sharing your feedback for us to then share with our other Blog readers (no names mentioned ... just experiences)

We are in no doubt that these little balls of pure energy work but we want to start shouting about their powers and talking about some real life experiences, where crystals really do make a difference... (and because we love hearing your success stories too!!)

So ... send us your topics that you would like us to address and we will get started!! We simply cannot wait!!! ... don't worry we will share all of our blogs on Facebook to make sure you don't miss them.

Yours, forever in adoration of our wonderful customers, Crystal Harmony xxxx


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    im in strong need of o crystal that will help me warding off negativity-thoughts,feelings and attitudes. have a mother with dementia and a sister with bone cancer-even though i am a strong believer with a strong faith in god i am in desperate need of all the help that u can give to me to help with daily uplifting-i was born on feb 15 1958 -would be eternally greatful for any help that anyone can give me! may gods light and love be with u all! thank u!

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