Crystals for your Pocket

by Claire Gillard

Crystal Harmony help to encourage - Joy, Happiness, Love, Calmness, Relaxation, Balance, Belief, Strength, Power, Friendship & Understanding & so many more emotions! 

Our gorgeous Crystals are a fantastic Symbol of Strength & Support!

Comforting Crystals to have in your pocket, or underneath your pillow to help you sleep. To bring you luck whilst sitting an exam! To have with you on your travels to help you feel safe. To take to an interview to help calm your nerves. To take on a first date! Crystals help you feel more confident - just knowing you have something very special from the earth so pretty inside your pocket.  

Sometimes all you need to have is a comforting Crystal inside your pocket to remind you that everything will be ok! If you feel emotional, stressed or overwhelmed a little special Crystal inside your pocket to hold in your hand, is all it takes to feel calm & at ease!

To some people even a small everyday task is a lot to bare ....... but with a little Crystal tucked away safely inside their pocket somehow makes them feel ok, recharged, energised & confident enough to move forward & take on the day!

We hope you find your own special little Crystals to bring you calming, happy, loving energies :-) xxx